Prayer chair entry 12/24

Deliver me!!!!! Stop the pain! How often we pray such a prayer as we face a difficult situation or an affliction. Today I read about Joseph in Genesis 39, wrongly accused of attempted rape and jailed. I am sure that he desired that God deliver him from the struggle, that it would just go away. Instead the Lord delivered him through the struggle. He blessed Joseph in the midst of travail and ultimately he used Joseph to save the world. I know personally the goodness of God in the midst of the storm. So often I desired to be delivered, to be restored as if nothing had happened. Instead I bear the damage and the change in my body and my life. I also remember the faithfulness! He has been with me in every storm and in every way. I remember the blessing in the pain. I know that the Lord Jesus walks me through it all and holds me even when the pain seems too great to bear. Jesus is God’s ultimate gift to us! One who went through storms as we do and is there for us always! If you are in the midst of the battle remember Joseph. You are not alone! This Christmas remember God’s great gift! THE PRAYER CHAIR IS OPEN! Send me your requests!

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