“Now when it was reported to Sanballat, Tobiah, to Geshem the Arab and to the rest of our enemies that I had rebuilt the wall, and that no breach remained in it, although at that time I had not set up the doors in the gates, then Sanballat and Geshem sent a message to me, saying, “Come, let us meet together at Chephirim in the plain of Ono.” But they were planning to harm me. So I sent messengers to them, saying, “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and come down to you?””
‭‭Nehemiah‬ ‭6:1-3‬ ‭NASB‬‬


In my idleness, God has given me a great work. I, through faith in Christ, have been given access to Almighty God. By the atoning death of Jesus on the cross, the veil in the temple was rent from top to bottom. God tore the foot thick veil, allowing all who come to Jesus for salvation to enter in. I have been called to pray for people. A friend of mine told me that I may be the only one praying for some people. The prayer chair has become my priority, and my writing is the overflow, as I spend more and more time with the Lord.

I am finding that, as I have gotten closer to the Lord, the evil one has increased his efforts to create disruption and distraction, to cause me to take my attention from the work. I am like Nehemiah, charged with a great work. In his situation, his enemies sought to get him to come down, so that they could harm him and stop the work. Sometimes, the evil one sends friends to accomplish the same thing.

In those moments, I must seek the Lord all the more and pray. I went to bed last night praying and meditating over Ephesians 6:12 as circumstances developed that threatened to drive me into the darkness of old Bernie: a place I never, ever want to be again. But God reminded me:

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

Well meaning people are sometimes used as pawns by the evil one, as they are fed distraction to draw them away from a steady attention to the Lord. They then try and share, so that others can be distracted. This leads to interruptions.
Often the interruptions are veiled in the skin of good intentions, but ultimately result in distracting one from the work of the Lord. Praying is hard work. That is why so many of us do little of it, including me. For years my prayer life was dry, until the Lord opened my heart to the power we believers have through Salvation. I am astounded that I have been able to pray for all the people I do, consistently. It is grueling. The oppression brings much fatigue when I am done.

We are in a dark time. Dark times, bring out the best, and the worst in people. We are facing an unseen enemy and there is little information given, as our world is turned upside down. In this time, I have chosen to seek the Lord. I have no time for conspiracies, for political beliefs, or the endless venting of frustration. None of those things fix the problem. I do know that my God can.

He must be my priority.

I know this, because He has delivered me through endless trials, each more devastating than the last. I know that He is faithful. He will get my attention, and Him only.

There is a time for the concerns of this life. But all of life should be lived in the presence of the Lord, and not in fear. The distraction of this present time has caused many to,inadvertently, place God into a compartment, while they chase the rumors of conspiracy. People have been robbed of peace.

God has given each of us a great work. Why should we ever come down.

Remember, believers, our God is bigger than a virus, He is bigger than any conspiracy, and He brings freedom regardless of what governments, or even pharmaceutical corporations can take away. God is in control! Look to Him, and do not be distracted!

In the darkest of times, the message of the Gospel shines bright. Even as Nero impaled believers, dipped their bodies in wax, and set them alight, the Church grew. We will face struggle. In other places, without the constitutional freedoms that we hold dear, the Gospel is still going out. Even in Iran, people are coming to Jesus. He has assured us that He is with us.

“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.””
‭‭John‬ ‭16:33‬ ‭NASB‬‬

Jesus is the priority!

THE PRAYER CHAIR IS OPEN! Send me your requests!

2 thoughts on “Priority

  1. Wonderful example of being single minded Bernie! Thank you for a great encouragement.

    Will you please pray for the lords help that I would complete the fourth of five video devotions for our GCR meetings? I hope to video record tonight when I get home from work, and the focus will be on God’s will through one Thessalonians 5:16 – 18. Thanks so much my friend!!


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