The wise and the foolish

“Let no one deceive himself. If anyone among you seems to be wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise.”
‭‭I Corinthians‬ ‭3:18‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

The wise and the foolish

The situation that we are in is unlike any that those living have ever encountered. Humanity is completely unprepared to deal with new realities that have come to us. The human way is to go into panic mode: in an instant the shelves of toilet paper were gone. Soon people were going after different food items. It was like the day before a big snow storm, except on a grand scale. The truly afraid flooded into gun stores as those who previously hated firearms, were finally driven to understand what firearm owners have know for years: in chaos, you are on your own. This is the wisdom of the age. “Me first!”

Then there is the wisdom of God’s people. The Lord placed me in a position of dependency where I couldn’t run out and load up on toilet paper, or food. He did give the wisdom to have enough on hand until I could get more.

On social media the fear was very evident as people were concerned about getting basic needs met. The shelves were bare and people were getting frustrated. I have heard of elderly people being assaulted for their items, as people become desperate.

In the beginning of the world wide pandemic, I initially felt the same fear and even panic as everyone else. In my relatively helpless state, I faced deep struggle. At some point, the earthly met the divine and my inner turmoil gave way to a peace that appeared completely wrong for the time. I was getting that peace that defied all understanding.

I found myself doubling down on the spiritual things and not the fleshly worries that could have overcome me. For many, this is a absolutely crazy time where fear is driving people to hoard, to rail against the government leaders, and criticize others for not hunkering down and staying home. For these, peace is robbed and each day is a struggle.

Rather than worry about the things I could not fix, I did the best things, in that I ran to the One I knew could. I added additional days to the prayer chair. I knew that many of my brothers and sisters in Christ were suffering right along with me. God boosted my gifting as encourager and increased my urgency to pray. I started leaving the news off and moved my focus to worship music and solid biblical teaching.

In the wisdom of the age I was concerned with foolishness as I devoted my time to seeking God rather than seeking things manna could provide. I admit my disability is an advantage in such a time as this, as I can only rely on the Lord and not myself. As I have declined, God looms bigger, and more majestic in His power and might. He has delivered me again and again. My faith has risen.

The really sad reality is that those unable to search the stores are at a disadvantage when those able bodied grab all that they can. Even in this increasingly dark time, I am cheered as I see the light of Christ shining through.

There are the stories of people reaching out help others to the glory of the Lord. I remember a picture of small girl handing toilet paper to strangers. She and her mother had gotten the remaining few packs and she wanted to be a blessing. There is the formation of an informal network of neighbors here in Des Moines, who take care of each other. People post their needs and people meet them, or at least, point them to where they can find it for them selves.

Then there is the blessing He gave me yesterday. The news was not looking good. I have had a concern about grocery buying next week. Prior to this, I placed my order with a certain supermarket and it would be delivered that day. Now, with fear of the pandemic, many are ordering for delivery.

The infrastructure is not there to support the radical increase in demand for the service. Additionally there is great concern for the possibility of a lockdown in the near future. This could lead to an increased onslaught on markets resulting in delays as people like me, order groceries.

This was all rolling around in my mind. I received a text from a beloved saint, who I will not name. I want her to get the greatest reward for her bringing God’s blessing to me. I mentioned my situation and that I had left it with the Lord. She asked if she could help. I have learned when to recognize the blessing of God. I said yes. Soon I had enough to get me through to whenever I can get a delivery.

In that situation I did not panic, I did not rely on my machinations and schemes, or shout my need from the housetops. I took it to the Lord and He had a faithful servant bring the blessing. I never doubted Him because He has done so many miracles in my life from the beginning, the greatest of which is the saving of my soul.

Believers, we are going to be in this situation for a while. The world will devolve into full scale panic as this situation continues. We have an opportunity to shine the light of Jesus and stand for the “foolishness” of the Gospel. Let’s demonstrate the wisdom of God. Let your light shine. Be God’s hands and feet. Caring for others is the greatest way to shine the light of Jesus into this darkness.

THE PRAYER CHAIR IS OPEN! Send me your requests!

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