“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:6‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


We are searching. Our lives are empty and and we are searching to fill an endless void. In our current age, we look for spiritual things to give life meaning. Even atheists go about looking for some proof that God doesn’t exist, which in itself is a pursuit of an “ungod” in which to have faith.

All these pursuits come up empty and those in the search flit from guru to guru, movement to movement seeking fulfillment like bees moving from flower to flower. It is as frustrating as dumping water into a sieve as fast as we can, only to make no progress in filling it up. We never find the spiritual sustenance that satisfies our hunger or quenches our thirst.

I remember being in that constant search for fulfillment. I tried on so many beliefs, nibbled at so many spiritual buffets. I little bit of this, a little bit of that, a taste of humanism, a little bit a lot of things, no real satisfaction. In reality I was really worshipping nothing. Still I went about hungry and thirsty, relentlessly searching for something to fill my void. In my constant frustration I looked for inappropriate things for my comfort, to feed my flesh, just adding to the emptiness.

Throughout the search I remembered the faith that I was most familiar with and I began to snack from from the sample table of the Christian faith. I began to observe those I knew who were in the faith to see if they had the thing I desired.

The battle ensued as my flesh fought against the pull of the Holy Spirit. Deep inside I desired to have a spirituality that allowed me to feed my desires the way I chose. None of those oppressive rules for me. The more I searched, however, the more damaged I became and the more my heart was willing to obey.

Through brokenness and a repentant heart, God brought me to the table.

When I consider the spiritual supply of God, I marvel at how infinite it is. After years of chasing sin, and having unsatisfied hunger and thirst, drinking the living water of Christ was like sipping from a firehose. After years of being parched, I was filled. My spiritual hunger was addressed by the vast feast that only God offers.

I count all those frustrating years as loss. I wish I had surrendered to the Gospel earlier. My satisfaction in Jesus has propelled me to invite others to drink and eat, taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh how I wish I could give to my Lord my youth, a vitality wasted on frivolity and emptiness.

Are you searching? Search no more. I speak as one with authority as I looked in all the wrong places for all the wrong things and came up wanting.

God has given us access to His abundance through His son Jesus, who surrendered glory to live life as one of us. He paid a sin debt He did not owe, so that we could have access to the riches of the Father. By His death, burial, and resurrection, the sins of those who seek forgiveness are washed away.

Earthly firehoses put out the fires that threaten our homes, God’s firehose of righteousness puts out the fires of hell that threaten our souls.

Open wide!

2 thoughts on “Firehose

  1. I love the picture Bernie! Drinking from gods fire hose is the best. I wished I would have been saved when I was young too. Reminds me, “lead a man to Christ, save a soul. Lead a child to Christ, save a life!”


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